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jeremyleerenner-com: a friend is considering getting a dog, what would you say to convince them to get a french bulldog?


Uh, I love me some frenchies. Convince them? I don't know. You have to either love their beat-up, uglycute faces... you know what's great about French bulldogs is they're great apartment dogs, and they are wonderful companions, and for me as a man, to have a small dog and not feel like, you know, I got this little toy dog, it's the toughest, most masculine little dog I think out there on the market. And most importantly, they got LOADS of personality. And I think they are lower maintenance because they can't be walked too long. They are great companion dogs for small spaces.

But make sure you have windows, because they can be a little gassy!

I've had 3 or 4 of 'em.

man_mayo:What co-star or director has given you the best advice about your craft?

Gosh, wow, that's a tough one.

Let's come back.

Naibude:Mr. Renner, You've called a few other celebrities generous. Are you referring to their acting? How do you approach controlling your presence to ensure focus goes to the actor whose scene 'it is'? Thanks, p.s. How scary fast is Victoria with her typing?!

Generous, yeah, means - I use that word as a way, because they are very giving, on camera and off camera, with their performance. And off camera, out of character, sort of talking and dialogue and exploring the character. And their willingness to dig deeper and find more about our craft and what we're doing.



cool_shades : Who is your favorite character in "The Jungle Book" and why?


You can't have a favorite character in the Jungle Book, they're all amazing!

Sher Khan is amazing - Baloo is probably the closest - I think Khan has the best voice, but Baloo is the best character. Classic Disney film.

jeremyleerenner-com: if you had a time machine, which historical event would you travel back to witness/experience?

You know, I wanna be back in the age of dinosaurs. I want to witness... I wouldn't want to see the asteroid striking, because then they'd be dead, but I'd certainly... I would love to be running from something that's trying to eat me. Some vicious, toothed dinosaur trying to eat me, running to my cave. That's where I'd like to be. That's where I'd go. I'd get out from the time machine and a T-Rex is coming for me, and I have to haul ass. I want to see how long I would be able to live. Hahaha!

BelindaBonello:Hi Jeremy! Will you ever release an album? I've heard you sing and it's amazing!

Oh, you know? I'm... trying to find time to actually do that. But will it ever happen? I don't know. And I don't know if I'd be ever interested in fully releasing it. I would rather find a role where i could sing, rather than switching to being a singer with an album. I think I'd rather stick to what I'm doing.

Velorium_Camper:You've worked with Sam Jackson twice now (MCU and Swat.) What's the coolest interaction you guys have had?

I think... anytime you can get Sam Jackson to curse, to speak expletives, that's amazing. It's not very difficult to do, Hahahaha! But he can make bad words sound good! It's amazing! I think there's an app making Sam Jackson say bad words, and again, he's one of the funniest guys I know. Love me some Sam.

pretty-in-pink:Would you rather fight a a Groot sized Rocket or twenty Rocket sized Groots?

Groot-sized rocket. I'm going to go with the massive one, yeah. I don't want a bunch of little piranhas coming after me!

Stoooooooo:What is the best/funniest practical joke you have seen happen on the set?

Oh, seeing happen and heard happen are very different things. Downey is top of the list of most of those, but most of those I didn't see. What I HAVE seen on set... I don't know! Practical jokes... when someone does their off-camera, and it happens quite often, when people are off-camera doing a scene, they like to distract their fellow actor and screw with them a little bit, and sometimes you'll do it naked, or no pants, to try to distract them and screw them up. So I've seen that MUCH more than once. Hahaha. Or at least topless. Hahah.

skwibby:Hi, so what's your favorite breakfast?

Eggs benedict. Coffee.

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