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two_off:What's your favourite part of going to a film premiere?


I guess it depends on the movie. And how many times I've seen that movie before the premiere. But it's always a wonderful celebration of many people's hard work, coming down to that moment to send it into the ether. Tonight I'm very excited - this is like a little, giving birth to this little story that's important to me. I'll actually watch it tonight - I don't actually watch the premieres - i've seen the movie once before, and I'll see it tonight with the audience. I don't get to do that very often, so for the movie tonight, I'm very excited about it. Because cinema to me, is much different, when it's a shared experience - versus a home theater. When you're with other people, that energy around is really quite palpable.

mimusqe: Hey Jeremy! Knowing you're a big Muse fan, do their songs inspire you when you're preparing for a role? Also, what's your most favorite album by them?


Album...I can't pick one album that would be my favorite, because I really do love them all. But I use their music a lot in each character - I create a specific playlist to evoke a certain emotion - and Muse has been consistently on those playlists for almost all characters I've played. Because they have such a wide range of tones, and anthems - even 20 Weeks Later, it started from then all the way to now.

It's like Radiohead meets Queen! I love all those bands, they are tremendous.

g8rade:Hey Mr. Renner, What are you going to be for halloween this year?

You know, I don't know. I haven't thought about it. I still have to finish this movie, and then Mission Impossible, and then figure out what my daughter's going to wear.

wpk1991:I've heard that you enjoy real estate and flipping houses. What got you into that area and what do you most enjoy about it?

I enjoy - what got me into it was wanting to invest into something. I wasn't into stocks or anything like that, but something tangible, it meant something to me, because if it all went to hell, at least I'd have a roof over my head, yeah. And what I love about real estate is that it exists, it's a tangible art form to me, to create a lifestyle for somebody is a gratifying feeling, and knowing the structures will outlast me for many, many years is also a wonderful feeling as well. To take something that was once great in the 1920's and to reimagine it for something for today's lifestyle is a great challenge, and something we became very very good at.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:"I need your help. I can't tell you what it is, you never ask me about it later, and we're gonna hurt some people." Can you please tell me how BADASS it was to film that scene?


I don't know how badass it was. You know, there's a lot of weight on one line, and the delivery of that line, i remember that, but it came out alright. It didn't feel badass, no.

lurking_my_ass_off: Were you upset about the lack of Hawkeye in The Winter Soldier? Personally I was hoping for at least an after credits stinger with you grilling burgers on your buildings roof, while the helicarriers all crashed in the background.

No. I have no feelings about that.

PigFaceWeaponWaist: Renner, Let me tell you, Liotta is one of my favorite actors. But, his AMA was a lackluster one. You're starting to grow on me. I think everyone in here really appreciates your enthusiasm in your responses. Anyways, I thought you were great in the Bourne Legacy. What was your first acting gig?

Well, on film it was National Lampoon Senior trip. But my first PAID acting job was to play... it was at a police academy at my college, and they paid me $50. They asked anybody in the acting school to come to the police academy to help with creating scenarios for these cadets, essentially. They put me in a closet, or a room the size of a closet and they say this to me:

(mind you, these are cadets training to be cops, and this call that they got was a domestic disturbance).

"What we need you, Jeremy is to be disruptive."

So I remember the door knocked, I started screaming "Get out of year! PROFANITY! PROFANITY! Fuck you, copper" and this cadet walks in, they walk in, and they say something really cop-like, and I kicked them in the nuts, and punched them in the face, and then the teachers, the instructors came over and they stopped the scene from happening and I said "Well you told me to be disruptive, I disrupted some shit."


They brought me back the next day, but then I had to play a rape victim the next day.

I think I made $100 doing those 2 jobs. I was a paid actor at that point.

unicorn10-10: What's your favorite animal?

I like monkeys. I like monkeys, big time.

Dnorgaard:My question is, do you like this picture of your favorite animal killing your greatest underwater fear?


That's a gorilla, not a monkey! But nonetheless, awesome. Looks like he's having more fun than killing him. Like he's riding him into the sunset. But thank you.


thebiglibrarian: Hello Mr. Renner, Quick question, what is your favorite book and why?Thanks!

Again - favorites - this is not a word in my vocabulary. I think it's too limiting. And books - I only read nonfiction. I personally like architectural books.

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