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vegasteacher:I'm a huge music buff. I want to know- what is your dream concert lineup? Three bands. They don't have to still be together. :)

Muse, Radiohead, and Queen. That's pretty bad-ass.

monku-monku-monku: if you could sing ANY song in character as hawkeye for a marvel one-shot or end-of-credits stinger, what would it be? i'll be seeing 'kill the messenger' tomorrow at the first showing, can't wait :)

If I could sing any song as Hawkeye?

How about.. Bon Jovi's Blaze of Glory? Hahaha!

Sisiwakanamaru:Hello, I have two questions for you

  • I saw your ice bucket challenge video with Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb in it. What was the story behind the kiddie pool? I like it
  • What is your favorite dessert?

Thank you.

Haha! Conserving water was the first idea. And then... that was really the only place. It was convenient. Conserving water and convenient.


pantingdinosaur:Is there anything you can tell us about Mission: Impossible 5?

It's going to be badass. It will not disappoint.

dyanceyfunnie:Did you enjoy your cameo on Robot Chicken? Your scene was one of my favorites!

Oh yeah, that was fun! That was a fun thing. That was a random sort of opportunity that came my way and I jumped at it. It was fun being in the studio doing voiceover for strange, strange characters. It was awesome.

CreamOnMyNipples:What is your favorite color?

Again, I don't believe in favorites. I like blue eyes, but I don't like blue ice cream. I like blue skies, but not blue clothes. I don't have a favorite color.

underdabridge: Who's the last famous person you texted with?

I'm kinda doing it now... Robert Downey Jr.

LeeChrista:Jeremy the content of Kill the Messenger was heavier than your previous films. Did you take longer to prepare for the character and if so how?

I don't think it took more time to prepare. I had to spend more time on the individual Gary Webb himself, because it's a character who exists (or existed, in this case) so I wanted to get that right to honor his legacy and his family, and it is important for me to embrace all that he did that was right and that was wrong, all the good things about Gary and his flaws as well. So it took a little bit more time to focus on the character himself. Michael (our director) handled the telling of almost an impossible story to tell - I let him handle that aspect of the movie, and I just dealt with Gary and the relationships within the movie.

dj2mex:Hi Jeremy. I was just wondering what you thought of Alberta when you were filming the last Bourne movie?

Oh, I loved it. Loved it. We were in the Rockies, and it was beautiful. And appropriate time to be there, it was Christmastime, taking helicopter rides to mountaintops in the snow, gorgeous. We were right by a ski resort, it's God's country. Doesn't get any prettier than that.

g8rade:Jeremy, you are awesome! What does Robert Downey Jr. smell like?

How about... candy canes. Downey smells like candy canes. Hahaha!

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